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Access an Entire Suite of
Coding and Billing Reference
Books in One Place Online!

  • AMA CPT®
  • ICD-9-CM Volumes 1, 2 and 3
  • HCPCS Level II
  • Procedural Coding Expert*
  • Plain English Descriptions for Diagnosis*
  • Plain English Descriptions for Procedures*
  • Coding and Billing Specialty Guides*
  • Code Relationships (ICD-9, CPT®, HCPCS, ASA CROSSWALK®, etc.)
  • Medicare National Correct Coding Sourcebook
  • Medicare Coverage Sourcebook
  • Medicare RBRVS Sourcebook

* DecisionHealth proprietary coding products
The Solution for Faster and More Efficient Coding

CodeitRightOnline is the most user-friendly online medical coding and billing application available in the market today.

We know how busy you are. Each day you are faced with countless coding and billing challenges. The solution is CodeitRightOnline, the powerful, comprehensive application that combines content from over 25 different coding and billing manuals. With quick and accurate results every time, even the novice computer user will find it easy to navigate.

Subscribe today and you'll be able to take advantage of the following features and benefits:
  • CodeitRightOnline Search – A more robust and intuitive search feature
  • CPT® codes, HCPCS Level II codes and ICD-9-CM codes
  • Full access to ICD-10-CM/PCS code sets and descriptions
  • NCCI Edits Validator™ – keep codes clean to avoid denials
  • Automatic code updates
  • Personalization – customize your own searches, notes, fee schedules and more
  • Build-A-Code™ – find the appropriate code even with limited information
  • Click-A-Dex™ – a tool for easier index searching
  • More Medicare contractor information
  • Medicare providers (with contact information)
  • Medicare PQRI Information
  • Hundreds of new illustrations
  • ABC codes and descriptions
... and much more.

For any questions or to request a
private demo please contact:
Ross Wentworth